At Qualitas, we offer specialist outpatient care and services in all our ambulatory care centres.

Services and packages are based on the needs of those in the industry and abide by the highest standards in OHS.

Why choose ambulatory care?

Ambulatory care has become the top choice for patients who are undergoing surgery and expect to be home within a matter of days.

Ambulatory care centres address the physical and emotional needs of the patient, creating an attentive and well-rounded atmosphere.

Receiving treatment at an outpatient centre also means patients are able to resume their routine lives while saving time and cost.

We provide a range of comprehensive specialist and surgery services in wellness, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.



Prevention and basic primary care as well as mental health and weight loss centre.

Experience a personalised service by our dedicated nurses today.


Medical imaging services such as X-rays, lab and blood tests, MRIs and screening for various cancers and illnesses.

Wait no longer for your health issues. Find out what we can do for your


Exclusive surgery for outpatient treatment and care which include various forms of therapy.


Rehabilitation for those looking for post-operative therapy, occupational and physical therapy.