Meeting the challenges of primary healthcare in Singapore

Frontier Healthcare Group, which joined Qualitas’ network in Singapore last year, has a vision to deliver efficient and equitable primary care to its communities in...
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Tips for staying healthy during Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, observant Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown. This is a complete fast, meaning that people abstain from both food and...
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Chinese New Year 2022 SMMs for Singapore

Chinese New Year is almost here and many people are planning their reunions and celebrations with family and friends. The Singapore government has announced that...
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Travel requirements for Malaysia-Singapore travellers

As people get ready to travel to meet family and friends for Chinese New Year and return to hometowns they have not visited for almost...
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Omicron – what you need to know

All viruses change over time. We all know that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, has had quite a few variants since it first emerged...
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Singapore’s Covid-19 Response Keeps Cases Low

Medical Clinic medical director Dr Lim Hui Ling says the experience of the SARS pandemic and cooperative Singaporeans have kept Covid-19 numbers low.
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Haemorrhoids and Piles article photo

Haemorrhoids – A Common Cause of Blood In Stool

By Dr Choo Weng Yue, MBBS NUS – Haemorrhoids and piles are synonymous. About one in three people in Singapore suffer from haemorrhoids. It comes...
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Health Screening in Singapore by Qualitas Health Singapore

ABC’s of Health Screenings

By Dr Clarence Yeo, MB ChB (Dublin) – A Health screening involves the use of simple tests on apparently healthy individuals to identify those who...
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doctor holding a sign for Influenza vaccine

Influenza Vaccinations

By Dr Clarence Yeo, MB ChB (Dublin) – Vaccination is your best protection against influenza in the upcoming “flu season”. In Singapore, influenza occurs throughout...
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