Brief Responsibilities
Job Requirement
  •  Assist in preparing and sterilising dental instruments and environment, pre and post procedure. Complies with work safety regulations in the handling of dental instruments and equipment
  • Maintain and ensures cleanliness of all clinic facilities
  • Well prepared in advance for all appointments (at least a day in advance)
  • Demonstrates knowledge and awareness of the patient’s safety needs and precautions to take
  • Demonstrates competence in performing the following with advanced skills, in addition to the basic competency skills:
    1. Assisting in crown and bridge delivery
    2. Assisting in crown and bridge
    3. Troubleshoot equipment/instruments
    4. Assist to ensure instrument inventory counts are accurate after last case is done, and report faulty instruments/equipment to the relevant department immediately
    5. Assist team-leads to troubleshoot instruments/equipment before sending it off to the vendor for repair work
  • Ability to fabricate dental prosthesis according to prescriptions and use Cad Cam, is an advantage
  • Minimum of a Diploma or Higher Nitec in dental technology with 5-8 years of working experience in a dental laboratory
  • Able to perform tasks assigned in Fix or Removable prosthetic work
  • Ability to lead a team of dental technicians to achieve revenue

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