Chinese New Year 2022 SMMs for Singapore

Chinese New Year is almost here and many people are planning their reunions and celebrations with family and friends. The Singapore government has announced that current COVID-19 safe management rules will stay in place during the Chinese New Year period.

The government does not expect the Omicron wave to pass before the festive period, which is why the regulations will stay in place. The safe management measures are staying in place to help prevent any overloading to Singapore’s healthcare system.

Remember to continue exercising personal and social responsibility by ensuring that you and others you are meeting are fully vaccinated or have completed an ART. We can still have a fun an meaningful new year celebration while complying with the rules that help keep ourselves, friends and family safe.

At home

  • Social gatherings at home are limited to groups of 5. This means a reunion dinner or reception at home must have a maximum of 5 people.
  • Each household is allowed up to 5 unique visitors a day.
  • All visitors are encouraged to complete and ART before gatherings.

At restaurants

Multiple table bookings exceeding 5 people are not allowed, except for people from the same household.

Large events

Large-scale receptions, religious processions and dinner banquets are not allowed.


Other COVID-19 rules announced on 21 January:

  • Visits to hospitals and residential care homes are suspended from 24 Jan to 20 Feb.
  • Isolation period cut from 10 days to 7 days for vaccinated patients, children below 12.
  • Booster shots extended to those aged 12-17 years from early February.
  • VTL travellers entering Singapore from 24 Jan required to do ART only on days they intend to leave home/hotel.



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